Still (2018)

What people say:

The combination of the cello with strings/keyboard conjures images for me that vary from the gentle (Pastoral) to the slightly menacing (Absent) or melancholy (Quiescent). I like Passage best of all and can imagine it being used as the backdrop to an ambiguous journey where one is uncertain whether the destination will be rewarding or threatening. (Peter, UK)

Music sample: Passage

“Great autumn music. The quiet harmonies and dialogue between strings and keyboard are mesmerising. And the lovely extended notes of the cello combined with the slow tempo of the piano. Or is it the intervals between the piano notes that give the album grace and define the place that each listener invents in imagination?” (Markku, Helsinki)

Music sample: Pastoral

.. the tentative opening, I imagined a butterfly opening wings in warming sunlight and a path in temperate woods. I likened the piano to footsteps, altering speed as the path meandered…the cello sometimes powerful, then tremulous. High tinkling piano notes were soft raindrops/ sunbeams. (Liz, UK)

Music sample: En-Trance

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