For some years, I have been playing around with the idea to create my own music.

I started to make music purely for my own pleasure and consumption. Music that I personally would like to listen to.
But then a few friends of mine who listen to my first feable atempt, suggested that I should make it available to everyone.

If you compare it with photography, for example, this is just another form of creative expression. And as everything worth knowing, it has taken me a considerable amount of time to learn the technical side of things. From finding, and learn how to use, dedicated software, to mixing and mastering, to all the technical bits and pieces you need to know when producing a CD or making an album public.
Writing music, or more accurately in my case – composing, is done on the fly with only my ears are a benchmark.

Want more?
On this website, you can read more about the albums, the stories behind them, sound-snippets from upcoming albums and more…

What’s next?
Hopefully, you will explore this album (and the previous one…) by either listen to the snippets on my website or on iTunes, Amazon and similar platforms. Or on Spotify where most of the tracks are available in full.
Then, if you like, you could send me a short note with feedback or questions and I will do my best trying to answer them.
And then? Well… I am always working on a new album.

All the best. And listen up now!